About Mozoon Cool

Mozoon Cool is the dedicated tier of the Mozoon Loyalty Programme designed for the children between the ages of 5-16 years. Their membership is tagged to a parent members’ profile.

Young shoppers will earn points on all purchases at any of the participating outlets that go towards the parent profile.

Every 1 Mozoon Point earned is equivalent to 0.1 QAR.

Mozoon Cool members will get an automatic upgrade to Azure tier when they turn 16 years old.

Who can apply?

  • Young shoppers between the ages of 5-16 years old are entitled to their own Mozoon Cool card. The membership is valid for until they turn 16 years old. Upon turning 16 years old, the member will be entitled to receive an automatic upgrade to Azure tier.
  • Parents must be registered as Mozoon Card members.
  • Mozoon Cool members are tagged to their parent profile.

How to apply?

To register for Mozoon Cool click here and choose Mozoon Cool as the profile your applying to OR you can contact the Mozoon customer service team hotline. You can also apply at any of the Mozoon participating stores.

Contact : +974 444 777 49 / +974 501 09 900 / +974 444 66 111

P.O.Box: 9087 – Doha – Qatar 

Mozoon Cool Privileges

  • Earn Mozoon Points
  • Redeem Mozoon Points (through parent profile)
  • Special invitations to catered activities and events
  • Special invitations to our exclusive Garangao events
  • Birthday promotions
  • Surprise promotions and gifts